For our alpha prototype, we made a project that incorporated a points system, although the game mechanics were not fully worked out yet. This prototype allowed users to challenge other users to accomplish task within three days. We found that after studying similar websites that help people complete goals, like, along with user interviews, that goals of shorter time length tend to get completed more often. Short-term goals also allow for us developers and creators more time to focus on other things and quicker design iterations, so that was another incentive.

In addition, we incorporated a scarcity feature into the app. This feature made goals scarce, so that only one person was able to be declared as the person to complete a challenge. This added to the game mechanics in that it would cause users to race to finish a challenge, thus adding competition. Additionally, we discussed an idea of making it possible for users to bust one another, by uploading photos of someone not holding true to a challenge. We thought the ‘bust’ idea would be very helpful because sometimes people respond better (faster) to negative reinforcement than positive reinforcement. It is an interesting phenomenon, but not necessarily a surprising one.

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