In our beta version we made several changes that built upon our alpha. We removed the scarcity feature and incorporated a system where users could wager other users in a challenge to complete a task. In other words, a friend would wager against another friend by betting *against* him completing that goal. These challenges were one-to-one. With this new system, users are motivated to keep the friends in check — by winning the bet.

We hoped this new system would motivate users to keep their friends in check, in hopes of winning the bet. This payoff matrix would encourage mutual challenging and succeeding. We decided to keep the days it took to complete a challenge to a standard short time for the same reasons we did so in our alpha. We narrowed the scope of our app by only focusing on challenges that required a user to quit something, because it was easier to verify these kinds of goals than others.  Also, this makes it easier to verify “busts”. If no one busts that person, then he/she must have succeeded at quitting that bad habit.

By the way, cél is Hungarian for goal/purpose. FYI

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