Design Inspiration

The main inspiration for our project is Intel’s UbiFit Garden. The basic idea for this garden is that it can grow or shrink based on your progress toward your fitness goal. We thought it was really cool that you can have a visual scenery of sorts such as a garden to represent something meaningful in your life such as progress towards a goal other than a number or a progress bar — we were really excited about this. Intel’s UbiFit Garden Research Moreover, it shows that users are ready to let technology influence and encourage a positive lifestyle.

Incidentally, we also found that Intel had a community garden, much like the co-op houses here on campus, so that all the employees can work together on this company-wide project. Intel’s Community Garden

We decided that it would be a cool way to extend this into our idea of social accountability. After all, maybe your friends can  “contribute” to your garden — or if they see you slacking off on your progress towards your goal, they can detract from your garden or give you a warning of sorts. However, we wanted to keep the interaction on this interface as positive as possible. So we wanted to avoid too much cutting down of gardens — even though we wanted people to successfully break bad habits or start good ones, we wanted to be careful about incentives and motives and what direction we were headed in.

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