Final Design and Iteration

This is it! the final design iteration — We changed much — which is to be expected, I guess.

Our final design consists of a platform for sharing current projects and goals for friends to work on. This is strongly based on the mentality of “I would do something if they do it” — social accountability. We realized that utilizing the strength of social circles was very important to a goal’s success. Who is motivating that person and why they are motivating him are both important. We eliminated the competition in this way to make our application more collaborative. Users have access to shared goals now, instead of the hyper-competitive wager system. Most people don’t like to go the hard path alone. So let’s help them out.

One goal can have multiple pools. A pool is just a group of users attempting to achieve that goal, albeit collaborating on it. Having access to your friend’s ongoing goals, you can join a pool currently trying to achieve that goal or start a new pool trying to achieve that goal. Even better, you can start your own goal and own pool for yourself. Each user can have their own success/failure rate, but in working together they can message each other about their progress.

Assuming friends are working together, they are likely not to be dishonest — so no need to worry about cheating. Also, there is no need to verify the goal anymore because the element of competition is gone. We just provide the platform for users to find each other.

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