More feedback….

which means more re-designing inevitably.

After taking in feedback of our alpha, we learned that it was important to make our app more social, fully understand the game mechanics and address unfair competition within it, addressing loop-holes that allowed users to cheat, and consider other ways to motivate users to complete a challenge (besides merely gaining points). Virtual points mean nothing from many users. Virtual prizes could be better? We have some design choices to reconsider.

Naturally, different people have different goals with different ‘goal-achieving’ capacity — how do they compete with each other for different goals? It’s not really just to challenge someone to stop drinking coffee for 6 weeks, if they don’t even drink coffee to begin with. We had to find a way to get around users finding/using these loopholes in our game system. Ultimately, we realized that it was time to think about other ways to motivate users to participate the way we intended them to.


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