User Test Post-Final Iteration

We’re glad that our users liked the idea much more.
They did expressed a few concerns, the main thing involves what drives people back to the app after the “matching.” (since this is essentially a matching app for people with similar goals.) Without the game mechanics, this could be a real concern.

To address that, we adjust the design just slightly (seeing it is the last iteration we can fit into the quarter).  We limit the users to only set up short-term goals. Additionally, we put an emphasis on the history/visualization for “startup cost” : the value for the first user.

Additionally, there were concerns that some people are not comfortable in broadcasting a personal goal. After all, would you really want everyone to know you have problem with alcoholism or pornography?

This is certainly a great point that we did not consider! We quickly added the “private” option to the goal pools. But we hit a design decision for these private pools: (1) participants’ names are not viewable, but people can still know the goal is going on and send encouragement to these anonymous peers; (2) the pools themselves are not viewable or searchable.

We feel that there are pros and cons for each of these choices, and it is hard to decide which is best without further studies. While we could implement both with distinction, we don’t want to clutter the interface for the time being. We decide to keep the implementation out but leave the wire-frame option.

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