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This project has been particularly difficult not from the technology standpoint, but from the social and psychological aspect. Persuasive technology is difficult because each user is motivated differently; moreover, the same user can be motivated differently over different tasks. Mobile … Continue reading

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Or download the pdf here! And in case you did not make it to the presentation pitch, you can also download the slides. (but of course it will not be nearly as cool).

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Final Prototype!

As the quarter comes to an end~ here’s the final prototype for CEL! Try it out!

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User Test Post-Final Iteration

We’re glad that our users liked the idea much more. They did expressed a few concerns, the main thing involves what drives people back to the app after the “matching.” (since this is essentially a matching app for people with similar … Continue reading

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Final Design and Iteration

This is it! the final design iteration — We changed much — which is to be expected, I guess. Our final design consists of a platform for sharing current projects and goals for friends to work on. This is strongly … Continue reading

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User Test Pre-Final Iteration

It is rather enlightening how many things you can find wrong with your application when doing user testing. Here are a couple of things that people were concerned about: 1. User wanted to challenge other people to goals broader than … Continue reading

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In our beta version we made several changes that built upon our alpha. We removed the scarcity feature and incorporated a system where users could wager other users in a challenge to complete a task. In other words, a friend … Continue reading

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