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Final Design and Iteration

This is it! the final design iteration — We changed much — which is to be expected, I guess. Our final design consists of a platform for sharing current projects and goals for friends to work on. This is strongly … Continue reading

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Sketches and Ed Chi

These were our first design sketches — we were fighting over 3 ideas as to which one we would implement. Here they are — with accompanying photos (how nice!)… 1. Course Evaluation Stream Customarily students do a course evaluation at … Continue reading

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Design Inspiration

The main inspiration for our project is Intel’s UbiFit Garden. The basic idea for this garden is that it can grow or shrink based on your progress toward your fitness goal. We thought it was really cool that you can … Continue reading

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Initial Brainstorming Sessions

Our initial idea was that we wanted an application that would help people break bad habits in “real-life” scenarios. Right now, people these days are so absorbed in their smartphones and games on these phones and text each other — … Continue reading

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