Think Social

Ed Chi was pretty helpful and honest in his feedback, which is exactly what we needed.

Thinking social is so important — not just enlisting friends in the design process and game is important, but doing it in an effective and fun way is critical. It is possible that many great ideas miss the social aspect and so do not become great ideas. We had to keep thinking about this for a long time before we knew for sure how we wanted to integrate the user’s friends into this process.

We also got helpful feedback from Neema –> don’t try to do ‘too’ difficult technology, keep it simple and think about how users would interact — think especially about “aspects of motivation” — the what, when, where, how, why, and to what extent of how people get motivated to do the things that they do everyday. Living in a results-oriented world and marketplace, motives may not seem that important when people are so concentrated on the end goal — but when it comes to design, knowing why people do/need/want things is the first step to efficient and keen brainstorming.

Neema’s Presentation on this in class

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