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User Test Post-Final Iteration

We’re glad that our users liked the idea much more. They did expressed a few concerns, the main thing involves what drives people back to the app after the “matching.” (since this is essentially a matching app for people with similar … Continue reading

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User Test Pre-Final Iteration

It is rather enlightening how many things you can find wrong with your application when doing user testing. Here are a couple of things that people were concerned about: 1. User wanted to challenge other people to goals broader than … Continue reading

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More feedback….

which means more re-designing inevitably. After taking in feedback of our alpha, we learned that it was important to make our app more social, fully understand the game mechanics and address unfair competition within it, addressing loop-holes that allowed users … Continue reading

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Think Social

Ed Chi was pretty helpful and honest in his feedback, which is exactly what we needed. Thinking social is so important — not just enlisting friends in the design process and game is important, but doing it in an effective … Continue reading

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Sketches and Ed Chi

These were our first design sketches — we were fighting over 3 ideas as to which one we would implement. Here they are — with accompanying photos (how nice!)… 1. Course Evaluation Stream Customarily students do a course evaluation at … Continue reading

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